How the Scheme Works

The Pyrite Remediation Scheme consists of 8 stages.
1. Application & Validation The PRB considers the validity of your application
2. Assessment, Verification and Recommendation The Housing Agency verifies that the damage to your dwelling is caused by pyrite.
Based on the Housing Agency’s recommendation, the PRB makes a decision to include or exclude your dwelling in the Scheme
3. Remedial Works Plan An engineer, appointed by the Housing Agency, prepares a remedial works plan for your dwelling
4. Tendering & Tendering Analysis
5. Decision to Contract
The Remedial Works Contract goes out for tender to a panel of qualified contractors. Once the tenders have been received, the contract will be awarded by the PRB
6. Dwelling Remediation Your dwelling will be remediated by the contractor, under supervision of the engineer
7. Retention Period
8. Application Closure
Defects resulting from the remediation works, arising within the retention period, will be repaired. Your application will be closed after the retention period has ended

  Overview of the Scheme

  Costs borne by the Scheme

  Ordering of Pyrite Remediation