About Us

The Pyrite Resolution Board has been appointed by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government under the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013 to make a scheme for the remediation of damage to certain dwellings caused by pyritic heave and to oversee and ensure the effective implementation of a programme of remediation works for affected dwellings.

The Pyrite Resolution Board consists of the Chairman and 3 Members:

John O’Connor, Chairman
(Chairperson of Board of EirGrid plc. and formerly Chairperson of An Bord Pleanála)

Sean Balfe
(Director of Sustainability and the Built Environment, National Standards Authority of Ireland)

Matt Gallagher
(Formerly President of Construction Industry Federation and Chairman of Irish Home Builders Association)

Caroline Gill
(Barrister, formerly Insurance Ombudsman and Deputy Financial Services Ombudsman)

The General Manager of the Board is Noel Carroll, BE, BCL, supported by technical staff assigned from the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.  Secretarial, administrative, ICT and other services are being provided to the Board by the Housing Agency.  The Housing Agency will be responsible for the testing of dwellings and the implementation of the remediation process.

This website gives a brief overview of the Scheme.  The full details and terms and conditions are contained in the Pyrite Remediation Scheme document in the Publications section.