Pyrite Resolution Board

The Pyrite Resolution Board was established to procure the remediation of dwellings with damage caused by pyritic heave of hardcore under floor slabs.

The Pyrite Resolution Board is an independent Board, established under the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013.

Pyrite Remediation Scheme

This website gives a brief overview of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme. The full details and terms and conditions are contained in the Pyrite Remediation Scheme document.

How to apply

The Pyrite Resolution Board only accepts online applications. The online application form can be accessed on the Submit an application page of this website.

Notice in relation to Covid-19

The Pyrite Resolution Board has taken the implications of Covid-19 on board and the situation is reviewed on a daily basis. Applicants should be aware that in light of the current circumstances, there may be delays in the delivery of the Pyrite Remediation Programme. Homeowners whose dwelling is currently being remediated or who have been scheduled for remediation will be contacted by the Housing Agency project manager. The Pyrite Resolution Board will continue to accept new applications.