Frequently Asked Questions

About costs borne by the Scheme

Costs associated with the following, will be covered where a dwelling is included in the Scheme:

  • Building Condition Assessment (Max. €500 incl. VAT);
  • Assessment, Verification and Recommendation Report;
  • Removal, storage and return of fixtures, equipment and effects (Max. €2,500 incl. VAT);
  • Alternative Accommodation (Max. €6,000 incl. VAT)*;
  • Remediation Works;
  • Supervision and Certification.

* Where the scheme participant satisfies the Housing Agency in advance that suitable rental accommodation cannot be obtained for €6,000 or less, the expenses for storage and accommodation may be combined but are subject to an overall limit of €8,500 (including VAT).

The homeowner is liable for the cost of the Building Condition Assessment.

After the dwelling is included in the Scheme, the Housing Agency will send a Homeowner’s Payment Request Form to the Scheme Participant by email.

The payment of costs will normally occur when the remediation works are completed and certified. However, earlier payment of vouched costs, in part or in whole may be approved by the Housing Agency where it is demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the Agency, that payment of these costs on completion of the works would cause financial hardship.

No. The scheme has been established to assist affected homeowners who have no practicable alternative means of remediation.

The scheme does not provide assistance, to individuals where the property has already been remediated.