Application Statistics

The Pyrite Resolution Board has, as of 3rd May 2019, received 2351 applications for the remediation of dwellings with significant pyritic damage.

 Applications submitted are at different stages in the process:

188 are at Validation Stage e.g. eligibility of application;

107 are at Verification Stage e.g. confirmation that the damage is attributable to pyritic heave;

363 dwellings have been included in the scheme and the process of planning/scheduling, preparation of remedial work plans, tendering and dwelling remediation is underway;

1542 dwellings have been remediated;

92 applications have been refused as they did not meet the terms of the scheme.

Note: A small number of applications have been closed for administrative reasons e.g. duplicates, withdrawn etc.

As applications advance through the remediation process and new applications are submitted, these figures will be updated.